Stauning Rye Whisky

Advent day 14 Nose Sidenote: I’m a little bit stuffy tonight but I’ll push through.Arrak with hints of honey and spices. I’m also getting fruit, maybe pear. A pleasant nose while not particularly enticing or powerful.Score: 21 PalateSweet fruity pears coated with honey. Not overly complex but rather clean to the taste. A little bit […]

Big Peat small batch

Advent day 13 NoseOaky lightly smoky nose. Almost a bit of ashes. Some leather and cummin. I find this nose pleasant with a promise of some smoke without overpowering the senses. On second taste with a few drops of water I’m also getting hints of matured apple cider.Score: 22 PalateSalty and sweet caramel with some […]

Mosgaard PX Cask

Advent day 12 NoseComplex with a lot of scents. Butter, vanilla and cinnamon. Almost like a cinnamon roll. Some nutmeg too and just spices in general. Very pleasant.Score: 23 PalateSugary sweet and a lot of spices. A little bit of honey as well as coffee. Quite oily mouth-feel leaving a little bit of a membrane […]

Yamazakura Blended

Advent day 11 NosePretty weak nose. There’s definitely some smoke and hints of ocean. having let it breathe a while I’m getting green apples and acetone.Score: 19 PalateFollowing the nose the palate is also fairly weak but at the same time smooth. I’m getting a bit of white pepper towards the end. Not sure what […]

Cú Bócan Signature

Advent day 10 NoseCoffee and toffee was my first thought..with a bit of liquorice. But after a minute or so the nose changes. It gets a bit fresher with elderflower. I also think the zesty-ness is enhanced with a few drops of water. The nose doesn’t have as much punch as I’d like.Score: 20 PalateIt’s […]

Gulliver’s 47

Advent day 9 NosePeated smoke, I can tell this will be a pretty peated whisky. Some tar and oak. But also some sweetness I can’t quite specify.Score: 22 PalateNot as heavily peated as the nose suggested. I get some moss and grass with the smokiness. And it turns towards salt and seaweed after a few […]

Stork Club Straight Rye Whiskey

Advent day 7 NoseNot sure if it’s my nose being stuffy but the scent is a bit weak. I’m smelling wood and dark fruits.. almost going towards liquorice. A bit of honey in there as well. Even with the weak nose it’s pleasant!Score: 21 PalateSmooth! it immediately coats the tongue in smooth honey. As with […]