Skånska Spritfabriken G-whisky

Advent day 15

These reviews are the first ones I attempt and are part of the advent calendar me and my good friend Jim made for each other. These 24 whiskies I’m trying will serve as a “bootcamp” for getting me started on reviewing my whisky. As such I hope the reviews will improve over time. To clarify the process; this is a blind tasting and the post title and category is set after the reveal.

Nose Sidenote: I’m a little bit stuffy tonight but I’ll push through.
Salted toffee and seaweed. A bit of honey and powdered vanilla sugar (not sure that’s the correct english name) with just a hint of fresh cut grass.
Score: 22

Spices, lots of spices. A bit of cinnamon and raisins. Gives off a dry mouth-feel.
Score: 21

A very short finish which kind of just feels like the palate quickly fading away. Not getting a lot of different flavour profiles here. If I had to say I’d say there’s some dates and plums.
Score: 20

Deep yellow in colour, much like a fine olive oil. Good tasting whisky but it didn’t make a splash.
Score: 21

Total: 84

Speyside single malt, 42%. Sherry cask or maybe American virgin oak.

Skånska Spritfabriken G-whisky.
Stout barrels. Single malt.

Personal note: Well shit.. how the fuck was I supposed to guess that one… 😀 I have to hand it to them tho, now that I’ve done the reveal I really understand the stout casks! I’m also impressed by how little alcohol it tastes at ABV 50%!