Well hello there!

I’m Jonathan.

A Swedish developer and fellow human. I’ve created websites since 2008 and have been using and developing for WordPress during most of that time. 

I am the technical director at Angry Creative, a WordPress agency, since 2019. But my journey with WordPress started before I was finished with school.

During my time working with WordPress I’ve created some Open Source resources for my fellow WP creators. Some has faded away, made redundant or just wasn’t good enough to keep around. Some I still actively try to keep up to date!

If you’re here you’re most likely looking for one of these projects. Unfortunately in recent years I’ve realised I can’t maintain as many of my Open Source countributions as I’d like. So for now I’m only linking the one most used here:

Beautiful Taxonomy Filters

A little bit about my journey

I started my career as a developer before I finished university. I was the first employee at a small agency called Tigerton in Gothenburg. Or at least at the time I thought I was a developer but looking back I think it was more something like a Web designer/front-end/WordPress creator. We created websites (they still do, and they do it well!) for customers using mostly WordPress and grew together for many years. During which I slowly transitioned more and more into what I’d actually call a developer while focusing on WordPress as a blog/CMS/platform (the definition has changed over the years).

In the summer of 2018 I joined the awesome team of Angry Creative. I started out as a senior developer/architect working almost 100% with WordPress and WooCommerce. Now I’m also the Technical Director joining the management with the technical as my primary focus.

As a developer I always strive to be better and learn from my peers. I visit WordCamps and Meetups (and host meetups when I have the time). I’m an admin on a few facebook groups like WordPress Sverige and WooCommerce Sverige. In general I consider myself a social, helpful & nice fella.