Stauning Rye Whisky

Advent day 14 Nose Sidenote: I’m a little bit stuffy tonight but I’ll push through.Arrak with hints of honey and spices. I’m also getting fruit, maybe pear. A pleasant nose while not particularly enticing or powerful.Score: 21 PalateSweet fruity pears coated with honey. Not overly complex but rather clean to the taste. A little bit […]

Mosgaard PX Cask

Advent day 12 NoseComplex with a lot of scents. Butter, vanilla and cinnamon. Almost like a cinnamon roll. Some nutmeg too and just spices in general. Very pleasant.Score: 23 PalateSugary sweet and a lot of spices. A little bit of honey as well as coffee. Quite oily mouth-feel leaving a little bit of a membrane […]