Glen Keith Distillery Edition

Advent day 18

These reviews are the first ones I attempt and are part of the advent calendar me and my good friend Jim made for each other. These 24 whiskies I’m trying will serve as a “bootcamp” for getting me started on reviewing my whisky. As such I hope the reviews will improve over time. To clarify the process; this is a blind tasting and the post title and category is set after the reveal.

I’m getting a lot of fruity tones. Fresh pears, banana. The nose is pretty subtle and light. Actually so much so that I stuck my nose down too far and got some whisky up my nose ๐Ÿ˜‚. Still, it’s a pleasant nose!
Score: 22

Much like the nose it’s a pretty subtle and light whisky. There’s a lot of sweetness and fruit here as well. I would’ve liked a stronger palate tho, it comes off as a bit weak.
Score: 20

the finish is actually pretty long but much like the palate and nose it’s not abundant with flavour or impressions. It’s just an even lighter palate slowly fading off.
Score: 20

It really isn’t a bad whisky, it’s just a bit too anonymous for my tastes. I’d gladly have a glas at a friends or a bar but this whisky wouldn’t call out to me from my own shelf. The colour is a very pale yellow (I think, hard to see in this evening light).
Score: 20

Total: 82

Sherry cask, probably a single malt but not aged. Speyside or possibly some other random country than Scotland (It’s a whisky from Jim we are talking about). 45% ABV.

Glen Keith Distillery Edition
Single malt
No age budget whisky made by the Chivas brothers.

Personal note: I feel like I’m too harsh on this whisky points-wise. It was a pleasant whisky and given what I now know about the cost of a bottle I would gladly recommend it as a starter whisky for new drinkers.