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Advent day 10

These reviews are the first ones I attempt and are part of the advent calendar me and my good friend Jim made for each other. These 24 whiskies I’m trying will serve as a “bootcamp” for getting me started on reviewing my whisky. As such I hope the reviews will improve over time. To clarify the process; this is a blind tasting and the post title and category is set after the reveal.

Coffee and toffee was my first thought..with a bit of liquorice. But after a minute or so the nose changes. It gets a bit fresher with elderflower. I also think the zesty-ness is enhanced with a few drops of water. The nose doesn’t have as much punch as I’d like.
Score: 20

It’s light in flavour but with quite a bit of alcohol hit. I’m actually getting fresh lemons but also a bit of bitter zesty taste. There’s a little bit of smoke in the background but not much. The mouth-feel is pretty viscous without being oily.
Score: 20

The finish is short leaving only the burn of the alcohol behind. I’m getting some black pepper here and almost green olives.
Score: 19

Not really a whisky to my taste. It reminds me of gin (which I like, when it’s gin).
Score: 20

Total: 79

Virgin oak, could be japanese or maybe a young swedish one. Blended. 48%.

Cú Bócan Signature
ABV 46%
Link: https://www.cu-bocan.com/our-creations

Personal note: I would’ve thought I’d like this more. I’ve had a Cú Bócan (no longer sold) before and thought it was quite nice.