Gulliver’s 47

Advent day 9 NosePeated smoke, I can tell this will be a pretty peated whisky. Some tar and oak. But also some sweetness I can’t quite specify.Score: 22 PalateNot as heavily peated as the nose suggested. I get some moss and grass with the smokiness. And it turns towards salt and seaweed after a few […]

Stork Club Straight Rye Whiskey

Advent day 7 NoseNot sure if it’s my nose being stuffy but the scent is a bit weak. I’m smelling wood and dark fruits.. almost going towards liquorice. A bit of honey in there as well. Even with the weak nose it’s pleasant!Score: 21 PalateSmooth! it immediately coats the tongue in smooth honey. As with […]

Nomad Outland Whisky

Advent day 6 NoseFairly delicate nose. I’m getting some blackcurrant and cherries. Generally fruity. It almost smells a bit like a lighter rum.Score: 21 PalateEasy on the palate but still with a lot of flavour. Reinforces the feel of drinking a sugarcane rum rather than a whisky. There’s spices and cinnamon.Score: 22 FinishThe finish is […]

Glencadam Reserva AndalucĂ­a

Advent day 5 Noseimmediately strikes with a lot of oak which then mellows off a bit. I’m also getting marsipan and almonds. Maybe a hint of vanilla. Quite pleasant on the nose.Score: 22 PalateComplex. It starts off a little weak but explodes within half a second. A hint of oak and leather. The almonds are […]

High Coast 63

Advent day 4 Personal note: I’ve a stuffy nose tonight which likely affects my ability to sample. Nose:Subtle smoke, fresh green apples, a pleasant flowery scent. Score: 23 Palate: 22Starts of gentle with buttery toffee and then turns towards honeysuckle and floral tastes. The alcohol become more prominent after a while.Score: Finish: Slowly wears off […]

Chita Single Grain

Advent day 3 Nose:Oranges, honey and toffee, the alcohol pricks the nose a bit. A general heavy sweetness I can’t quite describe. Overall a pleasant nose.Score: 23 Palate:Takes a moment before it kicks in. A lot of toffee and honey in the palate as well. Some vanilla and breadlike characteristics.Score: 21 Finish: Not a strong […]

Balvenie Peat Week 14 Years, 2003

Advent day 2 Nose:Peaty, Dark chocolate, Toast.Score: 22 Palate:Grass, smoke, chocolate or cacao.Score: 21 Finish: Quite lingering and heavy. Buttery and a little vanilla.Score: 20 Body:Score: 21 Total: 84 Guesses:Single Malt, Oak cask, Islay. ABV 46%. Reveal:Balvenie Peat Week14 Years, 2003ABV 48.3%Link:

Freimeister Kollektive Rye 095

Advent day 1 Nose:alcohol, oak, toffee, vanillaScore: 22 Palate:Arrak, Hints of salt. Herbal and Grassy, Oaky with a lot of bite – almost numbing.Score: 19 Finish:Quite long finish, the herbal bitterness sticks with you. Score: 19 Body:Score: 20 Total: 80 Guesses:Oak cask, Single malt, Maybe Campbeltown? Reveal:Freimeister Kollektive Rye 095ABV 48.2%Link:

Who’s got the time?

Honestly.. I’m working full time, got a family, some hobbies (I like to golf) and I try to stay in the loop as a developer. I’ve attempted the whole blogging thing before but it never really stuck. So perhaps at some point this place will start to fill up with content, but it is not […]