Balvenie Peat Week 14 Years, 2003

Advent day 2

These reviews are the first ones I attempt and are part of the advent calendar me and my good friend Jim made for each other. These 24 whiskies I’m trying will serve as a “bootcamp” for getting me started on reviewing my whisky. As such I hope the reviews will improve over time. To clarify the process; this is a blind tasting and the post title and category is set after the reveal.

Peaty, Dark chocolate, Toast.
Score: 22

Grass, smoke, chocolate or cacao.
Score: 21

Finish: Quite lingering and heavy. Buttery and a little vanilla.
Score: 20

Score: 21

Total: 84

Single Malt, Oak cask, Islay. ABV 46%.

Balvenie Peat Week
14 Years, 2003
ABV 48.3%