The Beautiful Taxonomy Filters plugin is an easy and good-looking way to provide your visitors with filtering for your post types. With this you get a complete solution for adding filtering based on custom taxonomy terms/categories/tags. It will also automatically add rewrite rules for pretty looking filter URLs. It’s completely automatic, works without javascript and is based on the WordPress Plugin boilerplate for a standardized, organized and object-oriented codebase. It uses select2 for pretty looking and user friendly dropdowns but will fall back to ordinary ones if javascript is not supported.
No more horrible looking URLs or hacky Javascript solutions




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  • Activate filtering on any registered public custom post type.
  • Exclude taxonomies you just don’t want the visitors to filter on.
  • Beautifies the resulting URLs. You won’t see any /posttype/?taxonomy=term. Instead you’ll see /posttype/taxonomy/term.
  • The pretty URLs are much more SEO friendly so you’ll give a boost to those filtered pages. Just remember to use canonicals where it’s appropriate.
  • Conditional dropdowns. Make sure your visitors never end up with empty filtered results. AJAX reloads the values in each dropdown based on previously selected values.
  • Polylang compatible.
  • Multisite compatible. No network settings at the moment.
  • Comes with a complete functional filter module for you to put in your theme.
  • Multiple alternatives for putting the filter modules in your theme:
    • `do_action()` hooks – The recommended way.
    • Automagic setting which will magically place the modules in your archive from thin air. Wizards at work…
    • Shortcodes
    • Widgets (Also lets you “hard set” a post type for use anywhere)
  • Choose from different styles for the component, or disable styling and do it yourself in style.css! Just want to tweak a style? Add your custom CSS directly on the settings page.
  • Many more settings for fine-tuning the filter modules behavior:
    • A ”Clear all” link for the filter component.
    • Choose between placeholders or “show all” in the dropdowns.
    • Hide empty terms in the dropdowns.
    • Show a post count next to the term name
    • Disable select2
    • Show term description
    • Disable headings you don’t want
    • More to come!
  • Ability to show your visitors information about their current active filtering and control the look of this.
  • Allows for custom GET parameters to be included. Extend the filter your way with a custom search parameter or whatever you like. The sky’s the limit!
  • Plenty of hooks for modifying the plugins behavior. For you control freaks out there…